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MP Birla Cement Ultimate (PPC)

MP Birla Cement Ultimate is the premium Portland Pozzolana Cement made with Controlled Particle Size Distribution ICPSD) technology for ensuring fast, strong and long-lasting construction.

Controlled Particle Size Distribution (CPSD) for Perfect Construction

The Premium Portland Pozzolana Cement conforming to IS-1489 (Part 1) in Premium Segment and produced by Birla Corporation Limited is marketed under the brand name of MP Birla Cement Ultimate Cement. The double-refined cement is corrosion-resistant and has low alkali properties. First launched in February, 2014 at Patna followed by a launch in August, 2014 for Kolkata region, ULTIMATE is picking up the gear and is gaining in popularity in these regions. It was also launched in MP on 20th April, 2014 and Rajasthan on 4th August 2014.

  • 8 ULTIMATE Benefits

    1. Unmatched Strength:
      Produced from the finest quality of pulverize clinker and the best quality of fly-ash, it gives an edge over compressive strength of other cement varieties
    2. Low Alkali Cement:
      A low alkali-ion diffusion rate slows down harmful reaction
    3. Total Concrete Performance:
      Controlled Particle Size Distribution enables a segregation-free cohesive mix with smoother finish
    4. Improved Workability:
      The inherent property of Pozzolana Cement produces low-pore volume concrete and its higher Blaines ensure improved workability
    5. Minimum heat of hydration:
      Low heat of hydration enables structures to avoid shrinkage cracks
    6. Anti-corrosion:
      Diffusion of chloride ions is relatively lower, minimizing the corrosion of steel inside concrete
    7. Tamper-Proof packing:
      Superior laminated packing ensures the bags to be tamper-proof while weather-proof packing prevents clogging
    8. Eco-friendly:
      Tamper-proof packing prevents leakage of cement, keeping the environment pollution-free
  • CPSD Technology


    Controlled Particle Size Distribution

    MP Birla Cement Ultimate Cement is made by blending high quality clinker, high quality fly ash from modern power plants and gypsum. By eliminating the coarser and extremely fine particles, ideal Particle Size Distribution is ensured for multiple benefits, through a process called CPSD (Controlled Particle Size Distribution). This makes the concrete double-refined ensuring ULTIMATE Strength and ULTIMATE Protection to constructional structures.


    1. Finer grains give larger surface area coverage, yielding high early strength.
    2. Due to CPSD, the mix produced is cohesive with low slump loss, enabling dense and leak-proof concrete.
    3. Secondary jellification of silica of Pozzolana (fly-ash) gives an additional C-S-H gel, ensuring durability.
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