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MP Birla Cement Unique (PSC)

MP Birla Cement Unique, the excellent quality blended Portland Slag Cement from Durgapur Cement Works comes in moisture-proof LPP bags which are tamper-proof, retain freshness and have longer shelf life. It can be used for all types of construction work, from foundation to roof.

Durable & Strongest Concrete Cement

The premium Portland Slag Cement produced by Birla Corporation Limited is being marketed under the brand name of MP Birla Cement Unique conforming to IS-455 in Premium Segment. The product is compatible with Indian climatic conditions, making it the most durable and strongest concrete cement. UNIQUE was first launched at a befitting ceremony in Kolkata on October 24, 2011. It was followed by a launch at Patna in February, 2012, then in Durgapur in October, 2012. UNIQUE has a huge demand and is the most accepted cement in the Durgapur region.

  • 9 UNIQUE benefits

    1. Higher fineness for improved workability:
      Higher Fineness gives large surface area coverage, less water for mortar mix, resulting in leak-proof concrete
    2. Low heat of hydration resulting in reduction of cracking:
      High amount of pozzolanic material (slag) reduces thermal and shrinkage cracks
    3. Segregation-free cohesive mix for excellent finish:
      Due to uniform particle size distribution, the concrete gives a segregation-free cohesive mix with a smoother finish
    4. Lower chloride content to minimize corrosion in steel:
      Diffusion of chloride ions is relatively lower, minimizing the corrosion of steel inside concrete
    5. Resistance to alkali-aggregate reaction:
      A low alkali-ion diffusion rate and low permeability to water slows this harmful reaction
    6. Higher long-term strength:
      Being produced from the finest quality of pulverized clinker with the best quality of ground granulated blast furnace slag and high glass content, the concrete gives an edge over compressive strength of other cement varieties
    7. Improved resistance to sulphate attack:
      In reference to IS: 456-2000 version, where it has been stated that Portland Slag Cement should be manufactured with 50% or more slag content, it exhibits better sulphate resisting properties
    8. Pilferage & tamper-proof packing:
      Superior laminated packing ensures the bags to be tamper-proof while weather-proof packing prevents clogging
    9. Whitish shade because of superior slag use:
      High dosage of superior quality of slag gives it a whitish shade with an advantage for all sorts of construction works
  • Premium Slag Cement


    Controlled Particle Size Distribution

    MP Birla Cement Unique is the premium Portland slag cement, developed after intensive research by the Company’s Research and Development Wing. It is a mixture of high quality Portland cement clinker and superior quality dry granulated slag, rich in reactive silica. With its increased fineness, the cement spreads over a large surface area of concrete that makes it leak-proof and durable.


    1. Finer grains give higher compressive strength and larger surface area coverage. This provides better workability.
    2. The resultant concrete mix is cohesive, increasing density and minimizing permeability.
    3. Lower water absorption, higher surface area and silica-rich slag ensure dense and durable concrete.
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