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MP Birla Cement presents "M P Birla UNIQUE" - Setting new "Gold Standard" in Premium Cement with 9 Unique Benefits

MP Birla Cement, pioneer in the Cement Industry with more than 50 years' experience in cement manufacturing, is proud to present its most superior offering, 'M P Birla UNIQUE' cement, in Bihar. With its 9 Unique Benefits, UNIQUE is the best in class cement in the premium category.

Made from the finest quality of raw materials, selected from the best sources in the country, and manufactured under strict quality control at the most modern plants with cutting-edge technology, UNIQUE is, indeed, a "limited edition" cement meant for the most discerning customers and their "unique" needs. Recognizing the growing demand for such a "value-added" premium cement for the highly quality and value-conscious home-builders of Bihar, M P Birla Cement decided to bring "MP Birla UNIQUE" to the State to provide a superior product and the best value.

Launching "M P Birla UNIQUE" at Patna on 19 July 2017, Shri Sandip Ranjan Ghose, Executive President, Sales, Logistics & Marketing, MP Birla Cements, addressed the channel partners and spoke about the new "Cement Se Ghar Tak" multi-media campaign of the Group.

Shri Pracheta Majumdar, Executive Director and Chief Management Advisor of the Group, launched the M P Birla "Home Building Guide". Available both in print and on-line, the Guide is a primer for home builders to make them aware of various facets of home building and different kinds of construction material.

MP Birla UNIQUE Cement offers the following 9 Benefits:

  1. Improved Workability;
  2. Low heat of Hydration;
  3. Chloride Resistance;
  4. Resistance to Alkali Aggregate Reaction;
  5. Sulphate Resistance;
  6. Corrosion Resistance;
  7. Durability;
  8. Tamper Proof Packing;
  9. Lighter Colour for Better Aesthetic Finish

Earlier, UNIQUE was presented in a new look in Kolkata on 6 July 2017 before at least 500 channel partners of Bengal & Jharkhand.

With its long heritage as one of the oldest and most respected cement manufacturers of the country, MP Birla Cement has always put the customer at the heart of the business and never stopped at being just a provider of quality cement. MP Birla Cement understands that building a home is a labour of love and an investment of a lifetime. Therefore, MP Birla Cement does not stop at just selling Cement. It goes beyond and provides expert advice to consumers so that they can take the right decision while building their home. It accompanies the customer all the way to building a dream home - therefore, its motto is Cement se Ghar Tak.

MP Birla Cement's on-site expert technical services to home builders not only provide advice but also calculate costs, recommend the right type/grade of cement for diverse construction requirements and guide the home-builder through crucial steps during various phases of building the super-structure. MP Birla Cement's Customer Support Services Group has more than 100 qualified technical field support engineers and more than 70 fully equipped mobile construction material testing laboratories across the country.

  1. To reach out to the MP Birla Customer Support Service teamdial: 8010 55 00 00.

Multi-media campaign:

Referring to the multi-media campaign, Shri Ghose said: "The idea behind the Cement se Ghar Tak campaign emerged from research and insight that clearly demonstrated a marked increase in engagement by customers. Building a home is a labour of love and an investment of a lifetime for most people. Besides, homebuilders today have greater awareness about products, are more quality conscious, yet, they still look for expert advice so that they can take the right decision while building their home. Understanding this need, MP Birla Cement has further developed and enlarged the reach and scope of its Customer Support Service to be the best in class.

"The M P Birla Group is known for its 'heart and strength'. The 'on-site expert services', provided by MP Birla Cement, hopes to strengthen the bond it shares with its customers. This is a key differentiator and vehicle for customer delight," said Shri Ghose. He added that "the Cement se Ghar Tak campaign, unlike other cement campaigns, talks directly to the end-customer at an emotional level, and gets close to understanding their needs." The campaign conveys to home-builders that "we do not stop at supplying the best cement to customers to build a strong and long lasting house, but we are their guide who is there to help cement their dreams. Through this campaign, we are reiterating our commitment to the customer, staying a step ahead of competition. In the coming days, we shall further enhance our offering through continuous innovation and thought leadership," says Shri Ghose.

MP Birla Cement - The Cement Division of Birla Corporation Limited (MP Birla Group):

The Cement Division of Birla Corporation Limited, flagship company of the MP Birla Group, has 10 plants in seven locations, Satna, Raebareli, Chanderia, Durgapur, Maihar,Kundanganj and Butibori. The total installed capacity of the 10 plants is about 15.5 million tons a year.

The Company has acquired 100% shares of Reliance Cement Company Private Limited (Reliance Cement), a subsidiary of Reliance Infrastructure Limited. After this acquisition, Reliance Cement has become a wholly-owned material subsidiary of Birla Corporation Limited. This acquisition has provided Birla Corporation Limited with the ownership of high-quality assets.

The Company is among the Top 10 cement manufacturers in the country, producing a full range of cement, including Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland Slag Cement (PSC), Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Sulphate Resistant Portland Cement. Its marketing footprint extends from Rajasthan in the West to Bengal in the East, with a very strong presence in the central Indian heartland of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.

Its eight cement brands cater to a range of applications, construction needs, climatic conditions, regional and customer preferences. The brands include Unique, Perfect, Chetak, Ultimate, Samrat and PSC.

MP Birla Cement Brands enjoy very high level of equity in the markets it operates and was the first to launch two new-age brands - Concrecem and Multicem-keeping in view the rapid growth in Infrastructure and Projects. A dedicated B2B Non-trade and Institutional vertical, created for focused servicing of key accounts, will sell these brands. Concrecem is ideal for versatile applications, particularly large construction projects, including roads, bridges and dams etc. Multicem can be used for marine structures (docks, harbours and jetties), bridges, dams, industrial plants, sewers and sewage disposal systems.

All the plants of the Company have been extensively modernized incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology to manufacture cement of the finest quality for perfect construction. The improved grinding equipment produces fine grain cement for faster construction, saving time and money. The plants are ISO 9001:2000 certified, covering the entire range of production and marketing. The Cement Division has two high-ash coal-based captive power plants at Satna (27 MW) and Chanderia (29.8 MW) each.

More than 90% of the Company's sales turnover comes from its Cement Division alone. In 2016-17, the Company had a total turnover of Rs 3,841crores and of this Rs 3,501 crores were contributed by the Cement Division alone.