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Birla Corporation Limited has been playing a pro-active role in the socio-economic upliftment in and around its facilities in terms of health, education, rural infrastructure development, etc.

Water harvesting in Chanderia

Health Initiatives

  1. It has actively supported establishment of Priyamvada Birla Cancer Research Institute at Satna (MP).
  2. The Medical Officer and para-medical staffs visit nearby villages in the Satna area every week to offer free check-up, treatment and medicine.
  3. A 24-hour, fully-equipped dispensary, with a Doctor and para-medical staff is maintained at Sagmania Mines (MP) to benefit the villagers in the vicinity.
  4. The Company has provided the required infrastructure for establishing an Ayurvedic Dispensary at Sagmania Mines Colony, run by the Cess and Welfare Department, Government of India.
  5. Free eye checking and treatment camps were organized to benefit the villagers in the Satna area.
  6. A family planning camp was organized at Chanderia unit recently wherein 80 operations were carried out.
  7. Eight pulse polio camps have been organized, at Birlapur (WB), for the wards of our employees as well as local habitants.
  8. A four-day AIDS awareness camp was also organized at Birlapur on the last AIDS Day.

Educational Initiatives

  1. The Company constructed the boundary wall of the Primary School, Baraj village, near Satna. Sports and stationery materials were also provided free in nearby schools.
  2. Repair and painting works were undertaken at adivasi School, Sagmania, and other schools.
  3. School bus facility was provided for children, living in Satna areas, to attend school in the city.
  4. At Nagri School, Chanderia, the boundary wall and a computer room were constructed.
  5. Sports materials were provided in the nearby schools in Chanderia area.
  6. Vocational trainings are provided to students, pursuing Management and Engineering courses, at the Company’s plants and Corporate Office, in Kolkata.

Social Welfare

  1. Drinking water is being provided regularly in RCC water tanks, constructed by the Company, in nearby villages of Satna.
  2. The Company contributed in the construction of a canal too to bring water from Bnsagar Dam to Satna Anikut for providing water to the habitants in Satna area.
  3. The Company constructed a 75,000-litre RCC drinking water tank, at Surjana village, near Chanderia, and laid the water distribution pipelines too.
  4. Drilling and pipe-laying work was done near Neelkanth Mahadev temple, at Chittorgarh.
  5. At, Birlapur, blood donation camps are organized in association with NGOs for the local habitants.
  6. "Mid Day Meals" are provided to the children and destitute in the locality, once in a month.