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Green Fuel (AFR)

  1. Cement is a carbon-intensive industry. Limestone and other ingredients are heated at an elevated temperature, using conventional fossil fuel (like coal) to produce clinker which also results in creating carbon footprint.
  2. Over the years, efforts have been made to reduce use of conventional fuel by non-conventional alternative fuel resources like Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from municipal waste, biomass, and hazardous & non-hazardous industrial waste, which has helped in minimizing over-exploitation of non-renewable fossil fuel and also contributed to significant rationalization of carbon footprint phenomenon in a sustainable manner.
  3. Inspired by the cardinal values and principles of Environmental Sustainability, our strategy is aimed at diversifying our energy resources by maximizing utilization of conventional & non-conventional waste streams of municipal, industrial and biological origin as alternative fuel, replacing the traditional fossil fuel resources (e.g. coal) across our units.
  4. We are committed to serving our community by recycling & re-using various waste materials through co-processing that will, otherwise, have to be processed, treated & eliminated in a conventional manner, resulting in emission of Green House Gas.
  5. We have prepared specific roadmaps and are constantly engaged in developing dedicated infrastructures and definite skill set for efficient utilization of alternative fuel in our plants.
  6. As one of the core commitments towards the sustainability ambition, we aim to achieve a significant volumetric substitution of conventional non-renewable energy sources through innovative use of AFR. During FY 2022-23, we have successfully consumed around 1, 21,016 tons of different types of AFR material in our cement kilns. Our thermal substitution (TSR %) rate compares favorably to the Indian cement industry standards.