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  • Cement
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  • Jute Products

    1. Jute yarn
    2. Floor & Wall Covering
    3. Lino Hessian
    4. Decorative fabrics
    5. Nursery cloth
    6. Scrim
    7. Jute Carpets
    1. Non-Woven Jute Felt
    2. Hydrocarbon-free bags/cloth
    3. D.W. Canvas
    4. Carpet Backing cloth
    5. Hessian cloth/bags
    6. Sacking bags/cloth
  • Lino and Special Hessian

    Lino and Special Hessian, from Dornier looms in rolls up to 3000 mtrs finds ready acceptance in global markets for a variety of uses, from making Linoleum of international class to decorative panels and partitions.

  • Jute Non-Woven

    Jute Non-Woven supported and unsupported in high and low density using modern (Dilo) needling technology extensively used for carpet underlays, padding, moulded products for automotive sector as also usage in agricultural, horticultural and construction activities.

  • Hydrocarbon-free foodgrade Bags

    Totally safe for edibles like shelled nuts, cocoa, coffee beans, grains and spices. Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable. These safe bags are pioneered by Birla Corporation Limited, processed with vegetable oil. Approved by leading Japanese and European users.

  • Floor and wall Coverings/Carpet Rugs

    Manufactured in a variety of weaves, including Jacquard, Boucle, Panama, Herringbone, Diagonal, Link : in Natural and coloured shades, using safe reactive dyes. Custom made designs are also available for specific needs.

  • Bleached/Dyed Fabric & Yarn

    Bleached and Dyed Jute fabrics are used for different type of decorative purposes. Fibre dyeing, Winch Dyeing of Yarn and Jig Dyeing of Fabric is done using most modern concepts.

  • Jute Geotectile

    Jute Geotextile constitutes a group of fabric having potential application in road construction and control of soil erosion in river banks. This is eco-friendly and economical. Our product ranges from 76cms to 185 cms.

  • Jute Yarn

    Jute Yarn, single and plied (count 5 lbs to 36 lbs), on precision wound spools for carpet manufacturers and other users.

  • Speciality Jute Fabrics

    Manufactured on modern flexible rapier looms with Tuck-in-selvedge in rolls of upto 2000 mtrs. for speciality users.

  • Jute Carpets

    Manufactured in roll form Dobby/Boucle as well as Jacquard weaves in vibrant colours. Small bordered mats / durries are also available.

  • Container Stuffing

    Complete facilities for in house stuffing of containers with mordern material handling equipment.

  • Rove

    Rove is low twisted heavier count of yarn, used as substitute of rope in single and plied condition. Count ranges from 70lbs to 140lbs per spindle in single yarn.