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Alternative fuel plantation at Chanderia

Energy Conservation

Green power: The Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS) in Satna and Chanderia plants is constantly working on generating power from waste heat, vented out in the atmosphere, from preheaters and clinker coolers. Since the environment-friendly initiative does not generate CO2, it is called green power.

Installation of new energy-efficient grinding systems like Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) for raw mill grinding and Roll Presses for cement grinding. Continuous upgradation of technology through installation of latest energy-efficient clinker coolers and grinding systems like VRM and Roll Press.

Provision for waste fuel utilization with provision for bio-mass and municipal waste utilization as a fuel saving non-renewable energy resource.

Challenging Global Warming

Extensive plantations are undertaken in and around mining, plant and residential areas. To reduce and control emission, parallel bag house and bag filters have been installed in Satna complex.

The Company has utilized 9,35,388 tonnes of flyash in 2008-09 alone, at its cement plants, thereby reducing clinker usage. This, in turn, has reduced GHG emissions at the plants, without compromising on the quality and strength of cement.