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The Tri-colour Through the Mind’s Eye

Hoisting the National Flag on days of national importance is a moment of pride for all Indians. On special days, such as the Republic Day or the Independence Day, when the flag is unfurled at homes, schools, institutions and at public places every Indian comes across a surge of emotions.

The Indian Tricolour is one of the most beautiful flags in the world with each colour and the Ashoka Chakra at the centre having a special significance.

Everyone cannot see this pretty sight. The visually impaired among us are deprived of sharing the joy of the fluttering colours. To enable visually challenged children experience the national flag, MP Birla Cement has crafted a “Flag Without Colours”. Made of cement, this flag brings out the colours and symbol of the flag through Braille markings.

This Republic Day, the Braille flag, cast in concrete, was carried to several blind schools across the country, allowing its students to partake more completely in the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of our Republic. Seva Mandir School, Indore, is one of the institutions that received the “Flag with(out) Colours”. The other schools included Government Blind School, Kadam Kuan, Patna, Burdwan Blind Academy, Burdwan, St. Michael Blind School, Ranchi, All India Confederation of the Blind, Delhi, Institution of Blind, Delhi, and Raj Andhay Vidhyalaya, Allahabad.

Shri Sandip Ranjan Ghose, Executive President, M P Birla Cement, said :“On the 70th Republic Day, the values embedded in our Flag are relevant more than before. This is a small endeavour to make the celebrations of the Republic Day more inclusive and carry the message of the National Flag to a wider cross-section of our young citizens”.

“Cement is usually seen as a very inanimate material and its role in nation building is not easily recognized. The philosophy of the MP Birla Group is ‘Heart and Strength’. This is an expression of that core value, which guides our organization. In the course of the year, we plan to reach the Braille Flag to many more institutions as our homage to the nation.”